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Parents as Classroom Assistants Program

If you are a parent that can volunteer at least 6 hours a week to be a classroom assistant and are passionate about increasing your own Montessori expertise, please read our informational flyer on the program and email Principal Tahai  letting him know of your interest.

What is the Role of a Classroom Assistant in a Montessori classroom?

Read a description of the classroom assistant role from the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector.

Who is an Ideal Fit for This Role?

We are looking for parents that can volunteer 6 or more hours per week on a regular schedule, are willing to go through an online Montessori Assistant’s training program, and have a deep passion and curiosity for better understanding Montessori teaching and learning.

If parents can't make this commitment, Parkside has many alternative ways to volunteer in the classrooms. Please check with your teacher or room representative to learn about other ways to volunteer in the classroom.

What Does the Training Look Like?

Our first cohort of parents have already gone through the online training program from the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector.  Once we identify a second cohort of parents, we will enroll them in the same program. Parkside’s Montessori coach continues to be the lead staff member supporting our parent assistants. 

Testimonials From a Current Classroom Assistant

"As a classroom assistant, I appreciated each students unique perspective and growth trajectory. The Montessori program is a harmonious method that is educational but still addresses the needs of the whole child. It has been a great experience so far!" - Markesha