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Parents as Classroom Assistants Program

If you are a parent that can volunteer at least 6 hours a week to be a classroom assistant and are passionate about increasing your own Montessori expertise -  please click here to read our informational flyer and email Mr. Tahai (


What does a Classroom Assistant do?

Read here for a description of the classroom assistant role from the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector.

Who is an ideal fit for this role?

We are looking for parents that can ideally volunteer 6 or more hours per week, on a regular schedule, and are willing to go through online Montessori Assistant’s training, and have a deep passion and curiosity for better understanding Montessori teaching and learning.

Parents that are not interested or able to commit to the classroom assistant’s program can still sign up for alternative ways to volunteer in Parkside classrooms. Parkside will continue to partner with all parents while identifying and supporting a smaller cadre of volunteers that are able to commit to a regular schedule of serving as a classroom assistant.

What does the training look like?

Once we identify our first cohort of parents that will serve as classroom assistants, we will enroll parents in this online training program through the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector.  Parkside’s Montessori coach would be the lead staff member supporting our parent assistants. See FAQs for a snapshot of the course overview.