Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for the 2021-2022 School Year

*The arrival and dismissal times are in 10 minute intervals per grade grouping starting at the time listed in the Bell Schedule and are the same whether a parent does walk-up or car line.

Overview of the Walk-up Dismissal and Arrival Procedures

PreK - 6th Arrival Gates

Prek-6th Dismissal Gates


  • Parents wait in line at the designated gate for their teacher
  • Once at the front of the line, tell the teacher your child's name
  • Teacher will call for the student to join the parent to go home
  • When parking, please don't park in the faculty parking lot and be mindful of neighborhood driveways 

Car Line Procedures

Traffic Map


  • Speed limit is 4 MPH at all times in the parking lot.
  • Wait patiently to move through the line
  • Pull up to the location of the Drive-Up gate before allowing your child to exit
  • Seat your child on the right hand side of the car - for easy access to the curb
  • A staff member will open the car door and help your child enter through the drive-up gate
  • Exit the parking lot slowly, 4 MPH until after the stop sign
  • No left turn onto Eisenhower

Example sign to Use During Drive-up and Walk-up Dismissal

 Nima Tahai

  3rd grade