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Meet Our Counselors

Meet the amazing and Parkside Montessori wellness team! Students can reach out to their counselors for questions, guidance, and support.

School Counselors support social-emotional learning and school climate efforts, team with school staff and parents to address academic, social, and behavioral challenges, and work to connect students and families with needed resources.

School psychologists may provide support and consultation to teachers and parents of students experiencing learning and/or behavior problems. Students with an Individual Education Program who exhibit the need for a higher level of care may be recommended to receive Educationally-Related Mental Health Services. Please contact the SMFC Student Services Department for additional information or support at (650) 312-7341.

Cecelia Soriano Hello Parkside Tiger! I am so proud to be part of the Parkside family. I would like to share a little about myself with you. I am happily married to my husband of 32 years (we were high school sweethearts). We have 3 sons, 2 amazing daughter-in-laws, and 2 beautiful granddaughters. My favorite things to do are hanging out with family either eating or adventuring in the great outdoors. I have served youth for the majority of my adult life and love working with children. Being here at Parkside, I have the opportunity to serve students, parents, and staff in a variety of ways. Students get to spend time with me in their classrooms when I do whole class lessons, small group lessons, or 1:1 meetings. Parents and staff can meet with me whenever they have a concern or need. I have also been known to hang out and talk on occasion. There are so many reasons I love being here at Parkside. I look forward to serving here for many years to come. (650) 312-7575 x4584