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Library Services

At the Parkside Montessori School Library, the students discover a world of never-ending adventure where both imagination and learning grow. Students visit the library on a weekly basis to check out books as well as the opportunity to enjoy relaxing and reading during the lunch hour.

The library visit includes storytime with diverse and intriguing books, followed by relevant trivia questions. The visit to the library is a time for our students to let their imagination run wild with the possibility of books that interest them. In addition, students are able to explore books that help with biography reports, research papers, and a variety of other assignments.

We have a pet turtle named Tim that is a highlight for the students as he is quite entertaining as well as “Bob” the full life-size skeleton.

The Parkside library is a safe, relaxing, and exciting place that reaches all the students and faculty. Many questions are asked, facts discovered and learned, and ideas nurtured. Students can choose from drawing books, cookbooks, famous artists, sports, graphic novels, biology, space, and more! The themes and topics are endless.