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Parkside Montessori's approach to clubs honors the initiative and passion of our students.

What is a student club and who can start one?

Starting in Upper Elementary and in 5th grade, students have the opportunity to launch a student led club at lunchtime.

This is an opportunity for students to:

  • Follow a passion 

  • Try out new interests

  • Find friends across grade levels and classrooms

  • Enhance their enjoyment of their lunchtim

  • Engage in leadership and cooperative activities beyond the playground and classroom

Students can initiate the club by submitting a proposal on the “start a club” form linked on their Google Classroom. Students will be reminded of the forms twice a year, in Sept and in January.

All clubs require sponsorship by a staff member. A staff member will reach out to the student leader to help them ensure that the club is suited for school lunchtime. The staff will help the students find a location, supplies, and other needed support. 

A guiding principle of the student-led clubs is ensuring that the adults do not take over. The sponsoring staff member’s goal is to support student leadership, providing guidance and allowing the freedom of plan execution. This is the student’s club, the staff are just there to ensure safety and support.

Details on the application and planning process

Sample Google Classroom Post

Are you interested in forming a lunchtime club for the rest of the year? A club at lunchtime takes planning. This form will help you plan and submit an application for a lunchtime club. Your club can meet on Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri. You may spend the first 30 -45 mins of lunch engaged in club activity. You must allow 20 mins for eating! Clubs are successful with solid leadership. Make sure you have at least two people willing to share the role of club coordinator. One of you will fill out this form and communicate with your adult supporters.

A club could be a group that meets around a passion, for example, Pokemon, Stamps, Knitting, a book, or could be around a service project (weed the gardens, run an activity for Lower El at lunch, create something for another organization).


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