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The Information Technology Department will perform critical maintenance on the Aeries Server array on Friday, November 17th, beginning at 5 pm and will be unavailable until 8 pm.

It is necessary to perform this maintenance in order to apply required updates to the Aeries server and critical security patches to the server that it runs on.

Aeries Family Portal – Family Technology Resources – San ...

The Aeries Parent Portal provides parents and students with a secure, convenient way to access student information such as attendance, grades, assignments, test scores, and assessments. 

  • The  Gradebook allows teachers to setup all class assignments for their classes. The teacher can then enter scores received by the student for these assignments.
  • The program will calculate the percentage of the maximum score that the student received. This will help determine the grade the student should receive in the class.
  • The Aeries Gradebook is compatible with iPads, Chromebooks, Android Tablets, Windows 8 RT Browsers and Smart Phones.

Aeries is also where we store all family contacts that sync with our mass communications tool ParentSquare. 

Middle School students have access to StudentSquare, where teachers can send assignment reminders, and general announcements.

Teachers are able to communicate with both Students and Parents simultaneously all in one platform.

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