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“There should be music in the child’s environment, just as there does exist in the child’s environment spoken speech. In the social environment the child should be considered and music should be provided.” ~Maria Montessori

All students at Parkside receive weekly music lessons.

Students in PreK-3rd grade have whole class group lessons that include topics such as rhythm, pitch and vocal technique, which are provided by Music for Minors. More details can be found in the scope and sequence outlined on the right.

4th grade students are grouped together for Music for Minors instruction that is an introduction to music recorders.

Beginning in 5th grade, students can choose an instrument where they can receive formal music instruction through 8th grade.

The current instrument choices are violin, trumpet, and voice. These lessons are provided by Music for Minors for 5th grade and by Myriad School of Music for 6th-8th grade students.


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In addition to formal music lessons, Parkside classrooms have resonator bells as well as sheet music of well-known songs. Students have the opportunity to play the bells during their morning and afternoon work periods.

Check out the video on the right of how the bells are being used in one primary classroom!