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Additional School Programs

Physical Education

Our 1st-7th grade students attend a twice a week PE class with a credentialed physical education teacher. The goal of physical education is to teach students how their bodies move and how to do a variety of physical activities. They learn the benefits of being physically active and how to live an active, healthy lifestyle.


Music for Minors

All students have once-a-week music instruction during the school year from Music for Minors. These lessons are centered around rhythm, voice, music theory, and musicianship. Starting in 5th grade, students receive instrumental instruction.


All students have regular visits to borrow books from the school's library. While at the library, students can check-in and out books. The library contains a variety of literature including biographies, poetry, short stories, and non-fiction. Check out the library catalog!

Art in Action

Parkside Montessori implemented a monthly Art in Action program that is funded by the PTA and supported by parent volunteers. The Art in Action curriculum is designed to expose students to artwork from around the world, learn how to talk about art using art vocabulary and theory, and create their own masterpieces.



Tigers Play

Tigers Play is a volunteer-led and PTA-funded program that provides students engaging activities during their lunch period. Activities can include arts/crafts, legos, magnatiles, and kinetic sand as well as special projects.