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Volunteering Information

How You Can Help Parkside

Our goal is to get 100% parent involvement! It's easy to volunteer in school activities as well as volunteer with the teachers. Our students need to know we are there for them! We want and need your involvement! We have a great volunteer base at Parkside but would love to see new faces, so please join us!  Parkside welcomes parent involvement through its many events and fundraisers. Please check out the Parkside PTA Website for more information on how and where you can volunteer.


Parkside Montessori Volunteer Hours

The Montessori philosophy is built on the ability of our teachers to provide many individual and small-group lessons throughout the day at the student’s individual level. Because this individual attention is so critical, we strongly encourage parental involvement in our school, and have a requirement of 30 hours of volunteer time per family as a condition of attending the Parkside Montessori Magnet program. 

Reporting Volunteer Hours

Check out the Parkside PTA website for details on reporting Volunteer Hours.

Fingerprinting Requirements

The safety of our students is our first priority. Accordingly, School District policy requires that parent volunteers who work directly with students outside of the presence of a certificated teacher must be fingerprinted.  This includes parents who drive students on field trips. Fingerprinting is only required once from each volunteer and is maintained at the district office. The file will remain active and applicable even if your student changes schools within the district.

To arrange for fingerprinting, please get a pre-printed Livescan form for each volunteer and/or driver from our school office, then contact the Livescan service at the UPS Store at 969 Edgewater in Foster City for an appointment. (Note: not all UPS Stores or other notary services have a Livescan operator.)

Volunteers will be asked to cover the $57 cost of the fingerprinting service.  This may be tax-deductible as a volunteer expense; consult your own tax adviser for applicability. Our school district will notify the school when the volunteer has been cleared to start working with students or driving on trips. It takes at least three weeks to get the results, so please start this process as early as possible.