Lost and Found

Dear Families,

As we are swiftly approaching the colder and wetter months, it is a perfect time to remind everyone to check the lost and found for missing items. We have a great deal of jackets, hats, and sweatshirts that are currently looking for their home.

We kindly ask that over the next couple of days you take a moment to visit the lost and found which is next to room 16, or notice that many items are hanging on the fence along the front of the school. During the Thanksgiving break, all of the remaining items will be laundered and donated.

Lastly, please remember to put your child’s name on their jackets etc., so they can be returned to their proper owner if found on campus. Thanks so much for taking the time to help keep our school clean and organized.

 Ms. Wishart




September, 2017

Parkside Montessori School is off to a wonderful start!  A number of all-school events have already occurred and these serve to create and foster a strong sense of our school as a community of learners.  A “Welcome” assembly was held on the second day of school to specifically introduce all of our staff members, as well as, welcome all who were new students to Parkside.  We began with our TK’s and Kinders standing up to receive a huge round of applause from the upper grade students.  We also welcomed upper grade students from 1st to 3rd who were new to our school this year.  Coach Anthony and Coach James finished off the assembly by reviewing some basic safety and positive interpersonal behavior choices with a handful of 5th graders acting out various scenarios to help with further clarification.

        On August 21st, we had a Solar Eclipse assembly before all students went outside to view the eclipse with their Eclipse glasses that were so generously provided a group of Parkside parents. Thank you so much!  A number of parents joined us for this special event making it a joy to observe the “oohs and aahs” that could be heard all over the large playground.  Shortly thereafter, the first Fire Drill of the school year occurred and went quite smoothly.  The faculty and myself learned lots and have already made some tweaks to our exit plans which we hope will streamline the process.

        Finally, on August 31st, we held an all-school assembly to commemorate the birth of Maria Montessori.  A short biography was read aloud, a sun ceremony (I acted as Maria) occurred while Mrs. Moreno shared highlights of Montessori’s life, some 4th and 5th graders shared meaningful quotes aloud while others displayed photos or handmade drawings of Montessori with the audience and we ended with a rousing Happy Birthday song.  Everyone went away with interesting information about who Maria Montessori was, as well as, a better understanding of her numerous contributions to education, medicine, science, etc.  The International Potluck was an amazing event that seemed to put the cherry on top of community building here at Parkside.  The large number of families who attended were treated to a “global” variety of delicious food, great conversations, and a very entertaining wide-reaching fashion show!  Thanks to each of you for being such a vital part of the Parkside community.