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School Site Council

School Site Council

The Site Council is a parent-teacher-staff governing body that makes school site-based decisions.

When the School Improvement Program (SIP) and School Base Program were established by the California State Board of Education, these programs were envisioned as ways to increase school-wide effectiveness, improve student achievement and over time, better prepare students to be productive workers and responsible citizens. The School Site Council was determined to be the vehicle by which the school community would come together to chart the school's path to improvement. The Site Council represents all segments of the school community. Being composed of the principal, teachers, other personnel, and parents. It provides a forum for all major players to come together to identify goals, establish a plan and allocate resources to achieve these goals.

The Site Council includes a broad representation of our school community. Each term is two years and elections are held each fall for the new terms. We are in the process of creating this group of stakeholders so stay tuned for more information coming soon.  Site Council Meetings are generally held in the school library at 3:15 PM on the last Thursday of each month. Please click on School Calendar to find out when the next meeting is.

For questions on Site Council, please contact Ms. Wishart