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Enrichment Programs

Parkside Montessori offers a number of enrichment programs including Art in Action, Mindfulness, Music for Minors, and the Student Green Team.


Art in Action started in Parkside in 2004. The program offers a discipline-based, sequential visual art curriculum that teaches art appreciation, art history, and art techniques and further assists educators with training and support, enabling them to integrate visual art into the learning experience of every student. To learn more about this greater Bay Area program, please go to the Art in Action website.

We had our 1st art show in May 2005 and annually after that to display our students' work. Parkside students' art work can also be seen at the Main and Marina libraries in San Mateo.

Art in Action holds hands-on training trainings for volunteers during SEPTEMBER only. Parents who wish to help teach prepared art lessons to their child's class this school year need to sign up for a training time before it's too late!  To register directly online, go to the Art in Action Training Site.

For more information, visit the PTA Art in Action page.


music for minors

Music for Minors provides a weekly music program for kindergarten through 4th grade students offering a variety of experiences through hands-on participation in such facets of music as singing, movement, theory, dance, musical games, use of rhythm instruments and recorder playing.

Teaching focus:

Singing:  pitch matching, posture, breath, head voice, chest voice, ear training, enunciation
Rhythm:  steady beat, body percussion, instruments
Movement:  folk dance, musical games, action songs
Listening:  across the eras and around the world
Playing recorder (3rd and 4th grades):  reading notation and fingering notes

sTUDENT green team